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"Happiness in a Bottle." Our Live Rosin Tincture is extracted without the use of any chemical solvents. Using only low heat and pressure, we can retain the true full spectrum of effects with minimal loss of precious trace cannabinoids and terpenes.

Each bottle contains primarily CBDA, which is the raw form of CBD before it has been decarboxylated. CBDA has up to 100 times the bioavailability compared with standard CBD products. This means you don't need much to feel the effects as more cannabinoids are readily absorbed into the bloodstream faster. Many customers will notice an impact within a few minutes (not weeks or months). For this reason, do not exceed recommended dosing. 

Additionally, CBDA has shown promise as a powerful anti-depressant by binding with the 5HT-1A receptors. This is why it is believed that many experiences the "well-being" feeling when using our Live Rosin Tincture.

Why Hemp Rosin?

Hemp Rosin is considered the most sought-after product in the cannabis market due to its pure and clean extraction method and the preservation of medicine. Virtually all Hemp and cannabis products use a chemical solvent to extract, which strips away beneficial properties of the plant just to leave bitter residuals that we ultimately ingest into our bodies. 

"No More Bitterness and Zero Additives." We believe in keeping our products as pure and clean as possible to retain the natural flavonoids native to our Premium Indoor Hemp Flower. This is why we only use natural Organic Nutiva MCT oil and our Hemp Rosin. That's it! Nothing else is added or needs to be added, leaving users with a truly natural tasting tincture. 

What is Live Rosin?

Live Rosin is Simply Rosin that was extracted from Fresh Frozen Cannabis. All of our Hemp Flower is Fresh and frozen within Minutes of Harvest. The Frozen Cannabis is Lyophilized in our Pharmaceutical Freeze dryer before being pressed into Rosin. This Fresh frozen process helps retain as much of the trace cannabinoids, Flavonoids, and Terpenes as possible, giving you the most significant effect with a minimal dosage.


Freshly Squeezed pure Hemp Rosin from our Indoor grown Hemp flower, Fractionated Coconut oil.

Our Rosin Tincture has zero additives! We believe in keeping our products as pure and clean as possible. This is why we only use natural Organic Nutiva MCT (fractionated Coconut oil) oil and our Hemp Rosin. That's it! Nothing else is added and nothing needs to be added as our indoor Hemp Flower is loaded with natural flavonoids native to the plant with no bitter tastes normally associated with Solvent based Tinctures.


1/2-1 full dropper once or twice per day. Shake well before use. Hold under the tongue for 45 seconds and then swallow. 


CBDA is a concentrated and potent Cannabinoid. Please follow our product directions carefully. DO NOT compare to standard CBD dosages or Routines.


About CBD Rosin:

I never really cared for the cannabis plant. I would smoke it with friends every once in a while, but it never did anything for me. I always felt like I was just smoking air. However, my friends kept telling me about this new CBD Rosin that they were starting to use and how it made them feel better.

I was initially skeptical, but I decided to try it. Man, was I surprised! The CBD Rosin had a much stronger effect than smoking the cannabis flower, making me feel really good. It was like all my worries melted away, and I felt thrilled and content.

Since then, I've been using CBD Rosin regularly, and it's made a world of difference in my life. Not only do I feel better mentally, but my overall health has also improved. I would recommend giving CBD Rosin a try if you're looking for an alternative to smoking cannabis or if you're looking for something to help improve your mental health.

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