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Community Discount Program
We offer a discount to members of our community who qualify. One discount. Multiple ways to qualify. Keep Scrolling to see how to qualify, and if you do, use the form below to let us know so we can put you on our Community Discount Program.

First Responders, Teachers, Students, Healthcare Workers, Medical Cannabis Patients, Active Military, Veterans, Disability and Low Income all qualify.

In 2021 we gave back $80,000 in discounts to those who qualify for our Community Discount Program.

Our goal is to get 50% of our customers on this program, please spread the word to help us achieve this.

*By signing up for our Community Discount Program you agree to recieving marketing e-mails from Love is an Ingredient.

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First Responders

Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT, Paramedics and any other first responders.
Thank you for your active commitment to the safety of our community.
Teachers and Students
Education is the key to our future. Students, Teachers and School District Workers all help further that goal and are all included in our program.
Healthcare Workers
Doctors, nursers, janitorial staff, administration, private practice and anyone who helps keep our community healthy.
Medical Cannabis Patients
If you have a medical cannabis card anywhere in the world, you qualify.
Low Income
EBT, Medicaid, State Insurance, Social Security Benefit or if you are just hard on your luck. We want to help, such is community.
Active Military and Veterans
No matter the division or rank, if you served we salute and thank you for your service. For those of you who served in Vietnam, welcome home.
Disability and Medically Required
If you depend on our products for medical reasons, you qualify.
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