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Edwins/Root Beer THC Drinks 10mg Delta 9 THC

  • $8.00
Minnesota Customers: The tax at checkout now includes an additional 10% cannabis tax which started 7/1/2023 by Minnesota law.


Edwin’s Elixirs Root Beer THC Drinks: the magical elixir that combines the nostalgic fizz of root beer with the blissful buzz of THC. With every sip, you’re transported to a whimsical world where worries melt away like ice cubes on a hot summer day.

Each bubbly gulp is a journey into relaxation, creativity, and perhaps a touch of the munchies. It’s like a carnival ride for your taste buds, with a psychedelic twist that leaves you floating on a cloud of euphoria.

So, grab a can, kick back, and let Edwin’s Elixirs Root Beer THC Drinks take you on a flavor-filled adventure to higher realms of enjoyment!

Each can has two-5mg servings of TiME Infusion THC (derived from hemp).

Not recommended for children. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while taking any THC products.

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